7 replies on “Catalina Foothills Boys Soccer – State Finals”

  1. you’re ignorant if you think that a single game has any bearing on the ability of a player.

    the real test is performing with consistency at a high level over a long period of time, a single bad game means nothing.

  2. US team sucks LMAO!

    did you see how they lost 2-1 aganist TEN players from spain LOL….they suck suck suck…..proud Keeper from Oman the place where Al-habsi is from who plays for Bolton Wanderers my friend

  3. Altohugh I am still going to be shooting for foothills next year its not going to be the same as shooting the games 4 u.. I am sure going to miss it..

    Yuri Machado
    Authentic Productions

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