Ideas MLS should Borrow from NFL

Now Week 2 in the National Football League, or as many of us who follow the other Soccer in the US and Canada might say, 28 week of 2019 Major League Soccer campaign. It becomes a fun time in the year for MLS followers, who are thrilled by the tournament push but to get disturbed that many of friends are panicked by The Shield.

It’s now and again like these that MLS fans will recollect the NFL was additionally once a relative untimely idea in America behind baseball, boxing, horse hustling, and even school football. Also, a significant number of the characteristics that make the NFL among the most promoted games elements on earth could be generally effectively adjusted by MLS.
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Michael Parkhurst insists Atlanta United should be more dynamic

Atlanta United captain Michael Parkhurst believes his team should be more dynamic than at the current point of time. The MLS Cup holders were recently on a five-match winning streak but that has come to a disappointing end with back-to-back losses against New York Red Bulls and Real Salt Lake.

Speaking in a press conference, Parkhurst said that the team need to be more dynamic with their style of play and should seek to make things difficult for their opponents. He added that the team should make more runs in behind the opposition backline and must learn to shoot more often from distance, he said:“We need to be a little bit more dynamic. I think right now, we’re just a little too easy to play against. We need more runs in behind, we need more shooting from distance. We just need to know the offense to click a little bit better.”
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MLS Football

The champions of MLS which is the acronym of Major League Soccer, the club of Atlanta United recently made a big announcement and named retired Dutch international Frank Boer as the upcoming coach of their own club. He will be the successor of Gerardo Martino of Argentina. The Dutchman who is at present 48 years old and he have the experience of guiding his previous club to 4 consecutive titles in the Dutch league. However, he didn’t experience the same success at the Crystal Palace of England and Inter Milan.

In the last October when he left the team of Atlanta, Martino stated that “the grind of a campaign of club kept Boer from going back to his house as much as he desired. But he has been attached to the national team of Mexico. De Boer, the former defender took over on 1st January with Atlanta being set for a match (pre-season) on 14th of January and a campaign of CONCACAF Champions League that will start in the month of February. He said that “the sportive ambitions of the club, as it is almost set out in a strategy of long-term which is supposed to be best in class, which apparently suits my individual ambitions.” He added, “I would love to build on the present success in order to develop a solid, secure foundation for our club at the apex of the MLS and even beyond it.”
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Major League Soccer Season Begins

This Saturday, the nineteenth season of Major League Soccer is expected to open, nevertheless, the Toronto supporters might have to wait almost a week, before Jermain Defoe, the ex striker from Tottenham will play his debut match for this Canadian Club.

Since their inception in the year 2007, The Toronto FC fans have awaited this moment, for a very long time, much in vein till now, for them to have a victorious season or for that matter playing off the berth.

Jermain Defoe seems excited about this deal and said that he is really looking forward to put on his boots and bag goals effectively to show the people that signing him was a good decision after all. At the moment all he wants is to get out on the field and let his game play do the rest of the talking. Netting a total of 143 goals in only 2 stints, this thirty one year old British, has positioned himself as the 5th best English Premier League player.

Defoe further added that he is feeling as excited as a kid to be a part of such an amazing opportunity and take up the challenge of a brand new club. Julio Cesar, the Brazilian international will also be joining Jermain Defoe in Toronto on a loan from the Rangers (Queens Park). The Canadian international footballer Dwayne De Rosario, and Gilberto, the Brazilian striker is also expected to join him.

Team Toronto has only managed 11 drawn matches and 6 wins in 34 Major league Soccer matches in the last year. However this is pretty much the same case as Sporting Kansas City, where in the defending champions affirms of being the Major league Soccer champions as well as taking the Concacaf Champions League and US Open Cup.


Markus Holgersson is not going to feature for the New York Red Bulls in the next edition of Major League Soccer. The Swedish defender had one year left in his contract, but, both he and the club decided that the contract should be terminated.

Holgersson played for the Red Bulls for a couple of seasons and he proved his worth at the club. He didn’t have too many bad games during his tenure at Red Bull Arena. He was a regular member of the team and he put up a lot of quality defensive performances.

In total, Holgersson made 63 appearances for the Red Bulls and found the back of the net thrice.

Announcing Holgersson’s departure yesterday, the manager of New York Red Bulls, Mike Petke said, “I talked to Markus regarding his contract and we both reached the conclusion that the termination is the right thing to do. He did some wonderful things for us on the ground in the last two seasons and we would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all that. He is a great professional and we enjoyed having him here.”

New York Red Bulls played fantastic football for most parts of the 2013 season. They won 17 out of their 34 games and secured a total of 59 points to end up at the top of the Eastern Conference Points table.

However, they couldn’t finish the season on a good note. Their performance in the MLS Cup playoffs wasn’t that good. They couldn’t defeat Houston Dynamo even once out of the two times they faced them and as a result, they got knocked out.

The MLS Cup was eventually won by Sporting Kansas City which was one position behind the Red Bulls in the Eastern Conference table at the end of the regular season.