Impact’s victory against LA Galaxy was a special one for Drogba

Montreal Impact has recently gone through a period of time when they were unable to secure a single victory.


The Canadian football team Montreal Impact claimed a 2-1 triumph over Chicago Fire on April 16 but their next victory didn’t arrive until May 29 when Impact defeat LA Galaxy. This period of time saw Montreal Impact not being able to win a game in 6 matches.


The recent victory against LA Galaxy was a particularly special one for Didier Drogba as the Ivorian striker scored a goal which helped his team in securing the victory and gathering all 3 points.  Drogba scored the last goal of the match as he found the back of the net at the 94th minute and he tore off his shirt in celebration.


This injury time winning goal from Drogba was the 5th one from the veteran attacker from the season. The 38 year old forward is one of the top goal-scorers of Montreal Impact as he continues to prove his worth even at such an elevated age.


Another reason of why this triumph was important for Didier Drogba is due to the fact that it was his return game after being injured. Drogba was unable to play against Orlando City on May 21st and resulted with Montreal Impact losing. Continue reading “Impact’s victory against LA Galaxy was a special one for Drogba”

Los Angeles Football Club is planning of making a stadium worth $250 million

The Major League Soccer expansion team LA Galaxy revealed plans concerning their expenditure of spending around $250 million in order to construct what will be the country’s most expensive privately financed soccer stadium which is going to be made on Sports Arena in the Exposition Park.

A conference center, a number of restaurants as well as a soccer museum are just a few of the elements which the stadium will have. This stadium will be the home of the new Major League Soccer franchise which expects to make it’s debut in 2018.

Even though the budget of what everything will cost has already been projected, there still are a number of things that need to be done before the actual building process can kick-off. Before everything can actually initiate, it still needs to be approved by the Coliseum Commission as well as the L.A. City Council.

The former Lakers Hall of Famer, Magic Johnson as well as the Mandalary Entertainment Chief Executive, Peter Guber are going to be some of the sports figures which are going to help in regards to financing the construction of the stadium.

This construction project will be opening up around 3,000 jobs and an annual tax revenue in the region of $2 million. Continue reading “Los Angeles Football Club is planning of making a stadium worth $250 million”

Landon Donovan spend more than Decade for MLS

Landon Donovan spent over 12 seasons performing in the MLS and his impact in the team was hard to deny as the American attacker managed to score 144 goals and create 136 assists. He also went on earning 6 MLS Cups along the way during his time as a player of the American League.

Even though he retired a few weeks ago, his name will be remembered for the years to come by many fans and players in MLS as the player is regarded to be the greatest one to ever come out of United States.

His name is going to stick for eternity now that it has been revealed that the Most Valuable Player award for the MLS is going to be switched to his name. It will be something like the Puskas Award which is given to the player who manages to score the most beautiful or impressive goal of the entire year but the name is in honor to FerencPuskas who used to play for Real Madrid. Continue reading “Landon Donovan spend more than Decade for MLS”