Impact’s victory against LA Galaxy was a special one for Drogba

Montreal Impact has recently gone through a period of time when they were unable to secure a single victory.


The Canadian football team Montreal Impact claimed a 2-1 triumph over Chicago Fire on April 16 but their next victory didn’t arrive until May 29 when Impact defeat LA Galaxy. This period of time saw Montreal Impact not being able to win a game in 6 matches.


The recent victory against LA Galaxy was a particularly special one for Didier Drogba as the Ivorian striker scored a goal which helped his team in securing the victory and gathering all 3 points.  Drogba scored the last goal of the match as he found the back of the net at the 94th minute and he tore off his shirt in celebration.


This injury time winning goal from Drogba was the 5th one from the veteran attacker from the season. The 38 year old forward is one of the top goal-scorers of Montreal Impact as he continues to prove his worth even at such an elevated age.


Another reason of why this triumph was important for Didier Drogba is due to the fact that it was his return game after being injured. Drogba was unable to play against Orlando City on May 21st and resulted with Montreal Impact losing.


Didier Drogba recovered from his hip injury in time for Montreal Impact’s match against LA Galaxy and score the winning goal.


“It was a good one for the confidence of the group. For the players, I think it’s going to be something important. I just wanted to hit the target and hit the ball well, and that’s what I did and I was lucky enough that the goalkeeper didn’t keep it.” Drogba said after Impact overcame LA Galaxy on May 29.


Didier Drogba is a consistent starter in Montreal Impact and has helped the Canadian club in securing a top 5 spot in the MLS.