Major League Soccer Season Begins

This Saturday, the nineteenth season of Major League Soccer is expected to open, nevertheless, the Toronto supporters might have to wait almost a week, before Jermain Defoe, the ex striker from Tottenham will play his debut match for this Canadian Club.

Since their inception in the year 2007, The Toronto FC fans have awaited this moment, for a very long time, much in vein till now, for them to have a victorious season or for that matter playing off the berth.

Jermain Defoe seems excited about this deal and said that he is really looking forward to put on his boots and bag goals effectively to show the people that signing him was a good decision after all. At the moment all he wants is to get out on the field and let his game play do the rest of the talking. Netting a total of 143 goals in only 2 stints, this thirty one year old British, has positioned himself as the 5th best English Premier League player.

Defoe further added that he is feeling as excited as a kid to be a part of such an amazing opportunity and take up the challenge of a brand new club. Julio Cesar, the Brazilian international will also be joining Jermain Defoe in Toronto on a loan from the Rangers (Queens Park). The Canadian international footballer Dwayne De Rosario, and Gilberto, the Brazilian striker is also expected to join him.

Team Toronto has only managed 11 drawn matches and 6 wins in 34 Major league Soccer matches in the last year. However this is pretty much the same case as Sporting Kansas City, where in the defending champions affirms of being the Major league Soccer champions as well as taking the Concacaf Champions League and US Open Cup.