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  1. pussy, you wouldnt do shit. Both the player who got tackled and the player who tackled him are bitches. Quit riding each others nuts. PV got slapped, so they cried. High school soccer is a joke anyway. Play Development Academy if you are half decent. And Brayden360 i will fight you tough guy.

  2. ONCE AGAIN SWEET HIT the kid that threw the balls is a pussy by far fucking douche

  3. dude that was fucking sweet ass tackle that pussy deserved and you faggots who dissagree come talk to me and i’ll fuck your shit up this is face book you idiot any one can talk tough on here you fucking idiot
    cfhs4life god i hate people like you who can talk tough on face book but are fucking pussy

  4. i dont even go to either school, but it can clearly be seen that the cactus foothills player was a massive bitch and deserved to get tacled and his ass wooped in this circumstance.

  5. i would have done the same wtf he throws the ball at me like that huh!

  6. do you realize how much shit you and your school talks without ever backing it up?! “drunkensniper41” the fact that you are condoning that pussy, bullshit tackle by saying that you were a “new team” does nothing other than show how gay you are. you think its ok to do that shit because you are a “new team”?! bitch pvsuckzcock is right!!! i hope you do have more tackles because ill be there next time to FUCK YOUR WHOLE TEAM UP. youare alltalk dude i dareyou toback that shit up. i fucking dare you

  7. TEAM DIDNT COME OUT AND PUNK YOUR GAY ASS FRIEND’S ASS. grow a pair of balls then come talk shit. cfhs4life!!!

  8. lol “pvsuckzcock”. Not only were we a new team considering half our team were first-time PV players, we also had new coaches. From a bottom-of-the-bottom team, to not only *make* it to state coming from nothing, but compete with the #1 team in state, with a decently close game(Much more improved from our first game) is why we’re giving you shit. Bragging you won under those circumstances is the true “bitch-like” way to go. Good job jackass. See you guys next year. Plenty more tackles to come too

  9. P.V. sucks a fat dick. your punkl ass deserved to get hit in the balls. and why you talkin shit about how 4-0 makes us suck? FUCK YOU. why dont you bitches get some talent, then maybe you can compete. #21 is a fuckin pussy. he just overreacted to a hard ass kickin. CFHS4LIFE!

  10. nvillec, you are obviously a homo and should move to San Francisco. To have those thoughts let alone write them shows that you’re a queer.

    I don’t follow HS soccer much, but it is clear from the vid that Foothills is the better team. PV fans need to stop crying and get over it.

  11. foothills is the shit. anyone who thinks otherwise can come plant their lips on my fat cock.


    and oh yes…we did win state.

  12. It was a good football tackle. Probably not completely deserved, because shit was being talked back and forth, and wasn’t started by 21. The tackler was not the one who got spit on though, which is mainly why 21 chucked the ball at him. It’s alright the kid lost his temper at the end of his season, it sucks to have to drive back home after being knocked out of state in a 4-0 game. Sorry. Better luck next year i guess, you’ll certainly have a better chance of beating us then.

  13. I know #21 personally and he has a serious problem with premature ejaculation. For that alone he deserved to get hit, I just wish I was there to say You just got knocked the F*** Out!!!

  14. 4-0 You gave us trouble??? Isn’t anything more than 3 goals a blowout in soccer, and I guess we won’t be seeing your “new team” until next year.

  15. Again, butlock. Bragging you won against a team ranked 16 below you isn’t really a smart move. The fact we did loads better our second game against you guys makes it a moral victory for PV.

  16. And considering we went from not a single win last year, to top half in the rankings in a single year, we have enough reason to be proud to have made state. We did infact beat Sandra Day O’Connor 14 – 4. So I can’t wait till that cockiness makes you give up the state title, because bragging about beating a #16 team, and doing three times as worse as your first predicition isn’t a good sign. Props to Jared for that tackle, anyone in his position woulda done the same. I know I would have.

  17. Hey, how about we post a video of all the games PV won against Foothills. Oh wait… you didn’t win any. And if you gonna post a comment on YouTube… learning english a well ide bef0re u comment!!! 🙂 LAWLS ROFL PV sucks major W3IN3R!!!

  18. What I find hilarious is how smug Catalina is for beating us in the first place. We’re ranked 16th, and you guys had a bit of trouble with us. And don’t try to play it off that you were playing easy, we all heard how pissed off your coach was. Fact is, you guys were so cocky you thought you’d win 12 – 0. Obviously that wasn’t the case. Just because you guys beat us by 10 in our first game of the season, doesn’t mean anything. We were still a new team this year.

  19. We had no class? If I remember correctly, didn’t your player tackle our player from behind for no reason? And no he wasn’t throwing it at his nuts so don’t give me that BS. Besides, even if he was, he was probably provoked into doing so, your guy should have taken the loss like a man instead of looking like an asshole.

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