Dyer Opens Up On Infamous Bout With Teammate Bowyer

Newcastle star Dyer has finally opened up regarding his infamous bout with teammate Lee Bowyer.

In a bad 3-0 loss to Aston back in the year 2005, both the men were penalized after a bad brawl with one another on pitch that shocked the football world. 9 years on, both men are friends again but Dyer stressed that he might still beat Bowyer.

According to Dyer, it was something related to personal insult regarding Lee’s incapacity that forced him beyond the boundary.

“We’re into the match, Lee came short & asked for the ball which I passed to some other player”, recalled Dyer.

“He said, ‘Give it to me’ & I said, “I have not given it away, what are you saying.’ After 5 minutes he again asked for it & I passed the ball to someone else.

“He screamed, ‘You don’t ever pass the ball to me!’ and I said, ‘it’s because basically you are ****”, he continued.

“There was so much of swearing and then he just lost his cool.

He yelled, ‘You what?’ & I said, ‘Yes, you actually heard me right.’

As Lee was approaching towards me it gave me a feeling that he might push or grab me. Whilst he was showering the punches, I felt, ‘You should put on as these are not hurting.’

“On a 2nd thought it came to me that was actually doing this before 50,000 people’.”

The brawl continued till Newcastle dressing room & Dyer shared that it was Jean Boumsong who told the duo to fight & solve it out – before they withdrew, Souness declared the fight both of them!

“We’re friends once again. That is just how Lee is. However I would still wish to fight him”, Dyer added in.