The inaugural Arizona Cup, U.S. Club Soccer’s statewide event for member teams, will take place May 21-22 at Westside Sports Complex in Phoenix.

Online applications are currently being accepted for the event, which will be hosted by the Arizona Soccer League. Open to U-8 through U-18 boys and girls teams, the deadline to apply for the Arizona Cup is May 14.

“In this inaugural event, we want to provide an option for the top teams to compete in a high-level event over a single weekend to keep travel and hotel costs at a minimum,” explained Arizona Soccer League Executive Director Don Hillegass. “The tournament will be single-elimination with a guarantee of two games. We want to show that the Arizona Soccer League offers flexibility to meet the requests of our members.”

The Arizona Soccer League is a state-wide youth and adult league focused on bringing together quality competition with fewer restrictions. The league will have games scheduled two weekends per month for youth and Sunday games for adults. This will allow teams to have flexibility in planning tournaments and travel. In addition, the league is also poised to provide support for recreational teams in a Champions League.