15 replies on “MNT on the Ground in Arizona ahead of #USAvMEX”

  1. Anyone notice that Julian Green burned DeAndre Yedlin? That’s awesome
    considering Yedlin is freakishly fast.

  2. They should have legalization checks outside of the stadium and we’ll see
    how many Mexican fans go.

  3. lol 3 dislikes already? who watches a one min video like this and is like
    ‘nah thumbs down, didn’t like it’

  4. USA this is the first time assisting a usa game and it’s against the putos,
    please USA don’t disappoint my first game LETS GO USA!!!!!!!

  5. I DEARLY! hope these two teams tie! so nobody can say one is better than
    the other and no bashing comments. I truly hope mexico can pull themselves
    together and show us good football. I hope this game is a back to back one.

  6. When Goodson is talking is it my imagination or is there a cricket chirping
    on the audio?

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