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  1. wow… its really good, see a Paso fino Colombiano Play soccer. i think also can practice POLO with these horses

  2. I play with my gelding. He was about 12 when he saw the ball for the first time. He knows what he is doing and aims for the ball. It’s a blast!

  3. This is so cool. I had no idea what it looked like. I was just at the Expo in Pamona. Alan Pogue, who does trick training with horses has a very large ball with a canvas cover that goes over it to protect it. Try that. Now we have to take this to the shows. It would make comepetition so much more fun. Teams and all.

  4. We’re basically getting the pasos used to the ball and interested in playing with it. I have a 31 month paso that tends to learn much more quickly with the ball then with just mundain training methods. She just has a blast moving that ball around and learning different commands at the same time!
    Where can I get a ball larger than 48″,(100cm)??

  5. The official name of this sport is “pushball on horseback”, already played in 1904. For safety the ball should be at least breastbone high. Do you play it with rules? We play it with 8-10 horses in Rotterdam, the Netherlands/Europe. Like to get in contact!!!

  6. I have a Paso Fino also that was just introduced to one of these large balls and he loved it. I just ordered one for our horse drill team to play with inbetween our practice time.

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