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  1. We are LIVE at Peoria Sports Complex!

    +Arizona United Soccer Club Starting XI: Newton; Ruthven, Woodberry,
    Robinson, Morrison; DelPiccolo, Antúnez, Kassel; Stisser, Tahuma, Tan

    +Sacramento Republic FC Starting XI: Gleeson; Klimenta, Daly, DelBridge;
    Bartlomé, Lopez, Koval, Guzman, Alvarez; Stewart, Jahn

    Stream link: Sacramento @ Arizona

  2. Great to have been at the game that night, and you could hear the Battalion
    through this match!! AZ is really stepping up their game, and can see them
    being a force to be reckoned with, very soon =)

  3. So. I am a 10 yr old footballer (soccer) a who’s dream is to play in the
    pros. So it would help a lot if I got to 1,000 subs and that would help My
    dreams a lot. I do FK’s, I play striker, I can volley and I am very good,
    probably the best on my team. So subscribe to watch a ten year old player
    with skills.

    Wow, you read all of that?

    P.S Hey Arizona united are you going to have a youth team? Reply please.

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