25 replies on “Speed ladder Agility Training Drills for Basketball”

  1. It’s great you can do this but could you do an instructional video so people can do it themselves. thanks.

  2. doesn’t take long. week or two depending on the frequency. twice a week is pretty standard.

  3. Its totally possible. Being creative with patterns makes it more fun to do with the ladder drills.

  4. You can go to my page and find one there. I belive its called SLOW MOTION Speed Ladder and Agility Training drills. Thanks

  5. I made a slomo video on my channel. Its of another video but same patterns. Thanks for watching

  6. sir, correct me if im wrong, is this possible with other floor materials? for example, i do these drill on tiles because they have box lines. sometimes i do them on concrete with markings. is that ok?

  7. Actually, you will see results pretty quickly from doing these, but I highly recommend strength training to make you even more faster. I recommend 2 times a week. I have my client perform the drills until I see fatigued. thanks for watching.

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