The MLS became the first league to use video reviews

Using technology in football has always been a controversial topic as there are many fans out there which believe that if this is done, it will take out the magic and beauty from the sport and that it could become a sport with constant stopping in order to check out what the video footage shows in case of a foul committed by a player or of a goal which might not be sure if the ball went completely inside the net.

During the 2010 World Cup, there was an incident that occurred involving Frank Lampard where he actually scored a goal as the ball went past the goal-line but neither the linesman nor the referee saw it and the goal did not count.

This incident has pressured the former FIFA president SeppBlatter on having to make a decision regarding the implementation of video technology in big tournaments but Blatter was never really a supporter of using this kind of mechanics and it was never truly enforced.

SeppBlatter resigned after it was discovered that he along with other figures had been involved in bribery and now the new FIFA president Gianni Infantino appears to be more in favor of using this technology.

Gianni Infantino has given the green light to test video replays in football and the MLS has already initiated this testing process as this technology made its debut during a match between New York Red Bull II and Orlando City B.This video technology will be further tested and implemented in more matches.

In the actual match that this was used, the referee Ismail Elfath decided to use the video technology in the first half and it helped him on opting to give a red card to a player who had committed a foul and this entire process only took 24 seconds.

One of the main concerns involving using this kind of mechanics is that it will take way too much time and this constant stop in order to see video footage could destroy the beauty of football but that is not entirely true as it was seen during the recent match where it was actually utilized.