25 replies on “US vs. Mexico Friendly Phoenix, AZ”

  1. @anthony27986(ESPANA) Barcelona(Inglaterra)Manchester United (Germany) Hannover96 (Argentina)Boca Juniors and (Brazil)Saou Paulo fc

  2. @anthony27986 Vos sos River Plate ? Bueno la Neta te digo Yo le voy a Boca Junior pero no tengo nada en contra d River Plate Dios te Bendiga Mis equipos favortios son (USA) Los Angeles galaxy,(Mexico)Cruz Azul ,(Guatemala)Municipal,(El Salvador) Firpo,(Honduras)Olimpia

  3. Yo soy de Los Angeles,California vos le vas al Rio de la Plata its ok Los partidos son para diversion bro Cual equipo de la MLS te gusta? Yo soy fanatico de Los Angeles galaxy

  4. @elsalvador267 Yoy Soy De Florida,y que es impresionante por lo menos no eres un fanático Río de la Plata

  5. @anthony27986 I am Salvadoran American i am proud from these two places its okay My favorite Argentine team is Boca Juniors anyways nice to Meet you Argentina plays good you know its good to have friends from other parts if the world I have Mexican American Guatemalan American ,Salvadoran Americans and Honduran Americans Friends Dios te bendiga @anthony27986 de que parte de USA vivis vos?

  6. @elsalvador267 okay and I have freinds that are from slovenia and russia and I dont support either of those teams why dont you go for the united states since thats where you are from!you see iam from south america born in Argentina but I live in the united states if I see usa vs lets say Argentina then iam going for the united states

  7. @sergio40195 yeah it deflected off the referee but how about when donovan took out those two mexicans and sanchez as well…you can say it was because of the deflection? and did you see when sanchez took a cheap shot while USA was celebrating… now I WOULD NOT BE PROUD THAT!

  8. I am Salvadoran American but I have friends that are Mexican American so Viva Mexico

  9. Eddie Johnson would fucking tear that unibrowed beaner to shits. Don’t mess with th black guy on the team, idiot.

  10. @NicoToscani1988 usa’s second goal was deflected off the ref. Dont be so proud. And did you see in 2009 when it was mexico vs usa at azteca, when Juarez OWNED donovan in mexicos second goal.

  11. mexico is a shitty team there nearly unbeatable in estadio azteca but were there is no elevation there fken wack

  12. i go for mexico and usa but wen they play eachother i go for mexico..

    mexico is the king of concacaf for now,,,2009 gold cup winners!!

  13. @markidontknow maybe cause every team has bad moments but have you ever heard of usa beating brazil…. no!!!

  14. Stand correct dumbass, you suck and all of the people that call themselves americans, when their grandparents came to Us on boats eating rat’s shit and lickin wood, and these people make the country a goldmine cause they wanted to suceed instead of just suckin government tits, that is called social help or whatever, but I really dont care that, you can suck my balls anyway

  15. @zyxweftr maybe because they like to watch mexico beat the us in your country

  16. Your mother already taught me and in return I raped her in the ass, cause she begged for mercy when I wanted to blow the ass of all your people

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