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  1. It seems from observing this clip that the take down by the blue player and then the kick to the chest by that player was the cause of the fight. If the refs could have quickly blown the whistle and signaled a penalty shot and given a red card to the blue player I wonder if this could have been prevented. I found it interesting for the parent to yell “all they have is attitude, you got skills.” It appeared just from this clip that it was the blue team who instigated and had the attitude.

  2. this isn’t a fight. it looks like a fucking circle jerk except everyone fell down after they came. either way, it’s fucking hilarious! xD

  3. 1) Soccer is in fact a contact sport,
    2) There was more than that, but you can hardly see anything
    3) It doesn’t matter what the parent said, there’s stupid stuff said no matter what.
    4) The goalie was the only person who was hurt for WCHS and had a split lip after being jumped by four BCHS players.
    5) The goalie broke #7’s thumb on BCHS, and there were at least 4 kids on BCHS that were bleeding.
    6) BCHS’ coach choked one of our players, shows who taught them morals.

  4. And “Don’t stoop to their level?” WCHS kid is the one that started it by tackling a BC kid because you’re getting your assed kicked.

  5. 1. Soccer is still NOT a contact sport.
    2. Pushing eachother into a pile and someone mooning the other team is NOT a fight.

  6. wow who ever mother is talking shit about bchs can go to hell, we fuck WCHS ass, and the mom is fucking stupid we won that game you guys have no skill at all WCHS sucks balls, Go BCHS

  7. Boulder Creek Highschool is the best.! We kicked their ASS big time.! Did you see that kid in the WCHS team run.?That was funny.! What a pussy. We know how to play soccer, and how to fight.!

  8. Beautiful video. This made me glad to join the WCHS soccer team this year. Also I’m proud to see our team unite and have each other’s back.

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