4 replies on “Youth Horse Soccer”

  1. what the devil horses playing soccer is that humane? Is that logical? I think not.

  2. yeaa i guess that it true now that you put it thiis way.
    but it does seem like fun.
    thanks for pointing that out for me:)

  3. As in any equestrian sport there are dangers involved. I purposely left that part in the video so people can see that these things do happen, even under the best of conditions. We have rules in place that prohibit galloping after the ball for this reason…in this case, the horse was not going fast, just stepped over the ball.
    We have (3) people monitoring the game: (1) mounted referee–(1) mounted coach– and (1) person on the ground.
    Thanks for watching our video and posting your comments.

  4. looks like fun….. but dangerous.
    the horse could trip on the “soccer ball” and it could end up really bad. like in 1:52
    the horse could have easily fallen.

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