Ibrahimovic Has Asked More From The MLS And LA Galaxy

The former striker of Man Utd, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is unhappy with the quality of team and artificial pitches. He has criticized MLS as well as his own teammates of LA Galaxy in recent weeks – however, those who are asking for improvement have been welcomed by a number of fans of football fans in the US.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic arrival in America was overwhelming welcoming and now he wants to improve the team as much as he can. He has accepted the welcome of Ibrahimovic with open arms, but he has been obstinate that he is not the part of MLS to have an easy ride.

He said “The thing is all about winning”. When he was questioned about LeBron James’ the basketball player switch to the LA Lakers. He spoke freely and said, “I want to see changes in the rules and regulations. I want to make this sport big, the big one like baseball, basketball, the NFL. This is because at the present time the football is the biggest sport worldwide and now because of so many rules and regulations, I feel strangled in this game. This is not getting big as it should have and people associated with the game are not trying to do so. The game should have been made big, so that if can become a competition for the others.”

Ibrahimovic also criticized his own team, by stating that the team wouldn’t deserve to be the part of the post-season playoffs. “This is extremely irritating as we make basic things seem very difficult. In football, this should not happen,” he further added this.

He said “Such mistakes happen at the place where my son taking the training, but it is accepted there as you are learning the basic things there. We all have to just work hard and keep on playing because right now, I feel there is a big confusion on the field.