Kinnear on the future

LA Galaxy head coach Dominic Kinnear has warned his players that they should not be carried away with the win against Minnesota United as there are still a lot of games to be played if they want to win a trophy. He said that they first have to seal their place in the postseason and this will happen if they win their next game against Houston Dynamo.

Dominic Kinnear said that the team is on a good run at the moment and it is important that they keep the momentum going. He said that it was an excellent game for them against Minnesota United and that it is important that they continue like that.

He said that the players should not believe that everything will be easy and that they will have to continue to work hard.

Dominic Kinnear said that it is important that the players keep working hard on the training ground and make sure that they do not lose contact with reality. He said that it is normal that the players are happy after their good run and that it is important that they think about the next game.

He said that there is a good team spirit in the team and that the players want to continue to do well. He said that as a coach it is his duty to make sure that the players do not become complacent and keep their feet on the ground.

He said that he will be preparing the team for the next game and make sure that they are ready for the next game. He admitted that it will not be easy and that they will have to have a great performance if they want to seal their place into the playoffs. He believes that they have the potential and that they will do it.