New York City FC has officially entered the world of eSports

Valencia CF, West Ham United and Wolfsburg are a few of the top European clubs that have recently signed eSports players but there was a MLS outfit that has opted to enter this world as New York City FC decided to sign Christopher Holly who is going to represent the American club for their upcoming FIFA tournaments.


Schalke 04 is another one of the European clubs that have also recently signed aneSportsteam which was specifically made to compete in the multiplayer online battle arena video game (MOBA) League of Legends.


eSports is short for electronic sports which refers to professional players who compete against each other in a vast array of video games and this has been on the rise with more and more people watching these kinds of tournaments as well as participating and even streaming through platforms like Twitch and Mobcrush just to name a few of the streaming services that are out there available.


Christopher Holly is the 1steSports player that the MLS side New York City FC has signed and this addition of Holly as a representative to the American club is expected to be used as a promo tool which can turn into a long term source of revenue as well as bring potential gamers to the world of soccer in the USA which actually isn’t as popular as other sports.


“At New York City FC, we are always looking for new ways to innovate and get closer to our fans. We are delighted to welcome Christopher Holly to the club to represent NYCFC. Christopher will play EA SPORTS FIFA at gaming tournaments around the world and challenge NYCFC fans pre-match as well as our players. We’ll also be creating content and live-streaming on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.” The Senior Vice-President of New York City FC of media and innovation, Diego Gigliani said.