Thierry Henry is joining MLS football as a coach after playing right after retirement. The former French striker was employed by the franchise, Montreal Impact and this might be his one other chance to set some records straight.

Henry achieved everything a player could possibly ask for. Even if he didn’t have the send forth he’d desire at Arsenal nor winning the ultimate individual prizes like the Ballon D’Or, his iconic powerful strikes will echo through time for generations to come.

His foray into the coaching scene has unfortunately not carried the same fanfare. After a disastrous reign at the first club that gave his first chance at professional football, the former France international went to work for Belgium under Roberto Martinez but the Belgians fell short in last year’s world cup.

Montreal Impact has come to his rescue by offering the former Barca forward a chance at redemption. Appointing him in November to lead the Impacts in the upcoming MLS football season slated to kick off from March next year, Henry knows it can’t get worse than it already did for him in France and Russia.

Concerns are being raised as to whether the experiences at both coaching positions especially at Monaco is enough to hand over a franchise club as big as Montreal’s. Henry is still yet to have any coaching job in which he excelled. Having him as a coach at this stage is simply a reach the Canadians are willing to take.

Henry is also taking a risk since every job he manages exposes everything about his actual abilities to manage a team since there exists a chance things went awry at Monaco or wherever else because other factors.

The chance to be crowned the best player in the world never fell to players like Henry because at the peak of his career some other players like Kaka and Ronaldinho were around and even when he aged like fine wine at Barcelona, Messi and Ronaldo have already changed the rhyme of history for good.