MLS Football

The champions of MLS which is the acronym of Major League Soccer, the club of Atlanta United recently made a big announcement and named retired Dutch international Frank Boer as the upcoming coach of their own club. He will be the successor of Gerardo Martino of Argentina. The Dutchman who is at present 48 years old and he have the experience of guiding his previous club to 4 consecutive titles in the Dutch league. However, he didn’t experience the same success at the Crystal Palace of England and Inter Milan.

In the last October when he left the team of Atlanta, Martino stated that “the grind of a campaign of club kept Boer from going back to his house as much as he desired. But he has been attached to the national team of Mexico. De Boer, the former defender took over on 1st January with Atlanta being set for a match (pre-season) on 14th of January and a campaign of CONCACAF Champions League that will start in the month of February. He said that “the sportive ambitions of the club, as it is almost set out in a strategy of long-term which is supposed to be best in class, which apparently suits my individual ambitions.” He added, “I would love to build on the present success in order to develop a solid, secure foundation for our club at the apex of the MLS and even beyond it.”
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Real Salt Lake have advanced to the MLS Cup Western Conference semi-finals after defeating Los Angeles Football Club 3-2 on home turf.

A few minutes before the game between Real Salt Lake and Los Angeles Football Club kicked off on Thursday at Banc of California Stadium, Columbus Crew had staged a huge upset with a daring win over D.C. United on penalty shootouts. Just to be clear, that was a sixth seed knocking out a third seed, highlighting how phenomenal that was.

Kinnear on the future

LA Galaxy head coach Dominic Kinnear has warned his players that they should not be carried away with the win against Minnesota United as there are still a lot of games to be played if they want to win a trophy. He said that they first have to seal their place in the postseason and this will happen if they win their next game against Houston Dynamo.

Dominic Kinnear said that the team is on a good run at the moment and it is important that they keep the momentum going. He said that it was an excellent game for them against Minnesota United and that it is important that they continue like that.
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Ibrahimovic Has Asked More From The MLS And LA Galaxy

The former striker of Man Utd, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is unhappy with the quality of team and artificial pitches. He has criticized MLS as well as his own teammates of LA Galaxy in recent weeks – however, those who are asking for improvement have been welcomed by a number of fans of football fans in the US.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic arrival in America was overwhelming welcoming and now he wants to improve the team as much as he can. He has accepted the welcome of Ibrahimovic with open arms, but he has been obstinate that he is not the part of MLS to have an easy ride.

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MLS All-Stars Of Juventus On Penalties

Champions Juventus series A got the best of All-Stars of Major League Soccer in a penalty shootout on Aug 1, after an entertaining 1-1 draw in the mid-season exhibition of the North American league. In front of the crowd of 72,317 at the Stadium of Mercedes-Benz home of Atlanta United MLS – Juventus succeed in the shoot-out with the score 5-3 after Bradley Wright-Phillips the New York Red Bulls forward missed his penalty attempt.

When Wright-Phillips’ try jump off the post and left Juventus up by 4-3, the Mattia De Sciglio fired the ball past Zack Steffen, the Columbus goalkeeper at the upper left corner to settle it. In the last 21 minutes, Andrea Favilli had the responsibility to put Juventus ahead, heading in a curling cross by Matheus Pereira. The All-Stars of MLS football, chosen from around the league via fan voting, pulled the match level in the last 26th minute through Josef Martinez of Atlanta United – the Venezuela star as well as the former Torino forward. He leads MLS football with 24 goals in all 23 matches.
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